Boys Like You

January 29, 2011
I don’t remember giving you permission,
To mess with my heart this way.
So could you please remind me, of this solemn day?
Did I bat my lashes, and flash a grin?
My, that doesn’t sound like me.
Whenever did you dream up such lunacy?
Perhaps you have me mistaken,
For a girl I used to know.
She wore a heart upon her sleeve,
She let her feelings show.
She was broken once too many times,
So she started anew.
But no matter how hard she tries,
That girl can’t get over you.
But now she hides it better,
Shedding tears in secrecy,
Over the boy who broke her heart,
And did so shamelessly.
She built her walls up strong and tight,
So few could ever get through.
She spends her time,
Writing poems like this one,
Over boys like you.

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