June 5, 2008
Why? Momma Why?
Why are you not here with me by my side to kiss me?
To hug me?
To hold me?
In this junkyard I sit alone, stare alone in the unknown.
I sit and I wonder
Why? Momma Why?
Do you love me?
Do you miss me?
Do you even care?
I am crying alone,
Dying alone.
Sitting her questioning “why” alone?

In this living hell I am burning Momma
Burning with desire to love
To be loved
Cause all I do is long
Long momma long
Cause all I do is hate
Hate momma hate
Hate you for being gone
Gone so long
Hate myself for not giving up
Never giving up

Why? Momma Why?
When I search for your loveliness
For some kind of happiness
Can only find
A world of hurt
A world of pain
A world that doesn’t care

So I cry Momma
I cry .
Why? Momma Why?
Have I forgotten how to smile
Forgotten hoe to believe?
Where has the reason gone?
The reason to that makes smiles and hope
Which helps us cope.
Cope with today’s hunger
And tomorrows pain
Why? Momma Why?
Have I become numb to this
To this misery
This torture
I know I am hungry cause I see it
I see it in my meager body
But do I feel it
Oh how I want to
How I want to feel the pain of starvation again
The pain that lets me know I am alive
Still alive
And momma where? Where are you to feed me?
To clean me?
To protect me?
Why? Momma Why?
Did you leave me
Leave me here
And not take me there
There with you ,
With the angels.

Oh Why? Momma Why?
Will I never know
Know the answers to my questions
Answers I’ll never know
Because you are gone Momma gone
And I am here Momma here
All alone

- This is a poem from the perspective of an aids orphan in Africa. Hope you enjoy.

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