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I Know

January 31, 2011
By isayiloveyouu GOLD, Castro Valley, California
isayiloveyouu GOLD, Castro Valley, California
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I know that I'm not perfect,
I know that never will be.
I know that you aren't forever
That love is only temporary.
I know that someday I'll die.
And someday I'll live again.
I know that each day is special
And what's special is my friends.
I know that I should smile
I know that I should laugh.
I know that life is meant to live
And we shouldn't take anything back.
I know that moment's are special,
That most people don't feel like this.
I know that I have talent.
And talent is hard to miss.
I know that sometimes I brag.
And sometimes I cry alone.
I know that people care
And I'll always have a home.
I know that family matters most
And friends will always stay.
I know that that's actually delusion
And delusion rules the game.
I know that nothing's ever certain
And no one's promised one more day.
That I should live for the morrow
And learn to feel my way.
I know that for all my talk and trouble
There will always be another.
I know that problems can be solved
And quizzes can be struggles.
And I know that "he" will move on
And that she " won't live on."
And I know when to stop
And when to go.

I know to live for the memories
And not for the past
And I know to bear it and grin
Since nothing ever lasts.

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