January 24, 2011
A rib was all that I was
A rib to support and help a man to become a master of the physical world
As I watched my surroundings with bewildered, craving eyes
I wondered when my own purpose would form
A body to myself
A reason for me
Solely mine
Adam was taking the lead
I followed faithfully in his shadow
Yet the urge for more remained a constant
A thirst for my own shadow to be created
Then my soul tossed
My heart in anguish
Filled with a sense of melancholy
The overwhelming realization that I was imprisoned
Trapped forever in the over-glooming shadow of Adam
And that of the encircling Garden of Eden
The earlier sorrow was replaced with a new feeling
One of anger
Yet all emotions were contained by one thing
Then silence fell across the land
All that was sounded was in a whisper
A hiss
As though in a trance
My mouth enveloped the sweet, enticing red apple
My body began to appear
No longer a rib
I now have purpose
I begin on a voyage
Across seas of hardships
Waves crashing
Wherever I go
Nothing is impeding me
From a world of meaning

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