Ode to my Xbox 360

January 24, 2011
By yuminator BRONZE, New York
yuminator BRONZE, New York
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The bright green power button
comes to life.
The fan abruptly turns on
I grasp the white controller,
Right trigger to squeeze,
I look at the HD screen
As I run on the polluted Beach
The smell of sewage fills the air as I
Shoot to destroy the Scarab to
Protect the last
Of mankind.
That was only
The beginning of
I save my mission and
switch games
I’m now a street racer,
The smell of burning tires and
A bright blue decal
Flows like a river
On the side of
My bright yellow car
My friends envy me
As I have the
One and only
“Street Czar,”
But this slowly eats away
At time.
I need to study,
But I procrastinate,
Saying that this
Will later help
Me concentrate,
Or that it helps
with my imagination.
when reality returns
It’s like hitting a brick wall.
I’ve accomplished nothing,
But winning the fake race
On “Need For Speed,”
And getting first place.
That won’t help
in chasing life,
I’m stuck in a bedroom
Unable to bloom.
But that my freshman year,
I’ve been free of this
atrocious gaming addiction
I no longer have a want to play games,
Because I recognize what the
Difference between
reality and fiction.
I’m a free man,
Without the games from Japan.

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