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January 24, 2011
By Chelsea Griffin BRONZE, Bethel, Connecticut
Chelsea Griffin BRONZE, Bethel, Connecticut
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a whisper between the trees
Was born of a man upon his knees.
Lost in the darkness, with nowhere to go;
Everlasting night his perpetual foe.
He lived empty, without a dream to be found
And so this man, he sank to the ground
Lungs bursting, into the air.
Came forth his cry of wordless despair.

And it echo, echo, echoed long and far
Until it could be heard by the earth, moon, sun, and stars.
All of these being, magical and wise,
Paused in wonder of his anguished cries.
Who? When? Where? Why?
What caused this sound ringing through the sky?
Looking upon him, they searched for truth
And found darkness playing him, a cynical flute.

Filled with sorrow for this man,
These legendary beings devised a plan.
A piece for a piece, and no longer whole,
They separated for Hope, the creation of souls.
Made to fight the darkness, it seemed
This soul-filled whisper gave the world a dream.
And so, for the first time hope whispered between the trees,
And came to the man upon his knees.

Slowly filling his eyes with joyful light,
Hope fortified his tired heart to fight.
He sprang up, dreams swimming through his mind,
Cast down his demons and left the darkness behind.
Mouth curving, his face transformed
From gray to gay, his soul reformed.
Such freedom was his with hope by his side
Spreading his wings in raw untamed delight.

And so from then on, when Hope whispered between the trees,
The world would see men lifted up from their knees.
With wings free to soar and hearts to dream;
Light conquering darkness, a gift from immortal beings.

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