My Future,My Past,My Life

June 5, 2008
Thoughts Of My Future,
Memorie's Of My Past.
Questions Of Tomorrow,
Will It Be My Last?
Awnsers Will Be Givin,
Punishments Defined.
Someday I Will show You,
Just What I Left Behind.
A Life I Never Wanted,
A Death I Longed To See.
A Home I Longed To Live In,
The Person I Longed To Be.
Wishing For A Better Life,
Hopeing For a Better Dream.
Dreaming Of A Better Person,
A Person I Wanted To Be.
Then One Day i Opend My eyes,
And Insted Of Seeing Me.
I Saw The girl Id Dreamed Of,
The girl Id Strived To Be.
She Was Beautifull And Kind,
Succesfull And Sweet.
I Wonderd How She Had Gotten Here,
From That Cracked and Broken Street.
She Used To Be So Sad,
Her Tears Had Stained Her Face.
But Now I See Her Smile,
This Girl Stands In My Place.
I Soon Begane To Realize,
Just who This Girl Must Be.
This girl Standing In My Mirror,
This Girl She Is Me.

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