Last thoughts

June 9, 2008
When has it come
that everyday I wake up
knowing what I will do.
That never in my life have I
been blown off course.
That secretly I pray at night
for the next day will bring to me
an unexpected story.

My life right now,
is as colorful as a
1930's film.
As unpredicatable,
as a trashy novel.
As wild as a nun's
white underwear.
As eventful,
as a summer's day spent at home.

What must I do?
To escpae this tortuous
To spread my wings and
sly west
while others still fly south.
To beg at the heavens
for the courage to do what I want.

All I ask,
is to be able to live this day,
as if it were my last.
To go to sleep at night,
with absolutley no regrets.
To enture the unknown
parts of the world,
and seek
the unsoughtable.

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