The Howl of the Wind

June 9, 2008
We all watch; the world watches
Through the fog of ignorance
Ignoring, As if nothing is wrong.
How silly it seems, to pretend,
as if it’s alright to argue about property lines
And golf matches and football scores
While people, our people, humans
Are dying. Dropping by thousands.
How silly the world can seem.

But maybe it’s not as bad as this.
There’ve been mistakes, but still we go,
Onward, seeking, ignorant bliss
Ignore the world, but still we know,
What goes on and what’s to come
The world’s headed, where it’s from
Always been and always be
The evil doers, you and me.
The days and nights where shadows lurk
You must admit, man’s a jerk.
But what does it matter, in the end?
Whether you were foe or friend?
If nothing that you do remains
Then everything just stays the same.

Do you hear something wrong?
No. It’s just the wind.

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