What I hear in the World

June 9, 2008
I hear America singing.
Do you know what i hear.
The president saying go hear and there.
To we the people who die over there.
To loose their lives some where out there.
Merchants worring that gas is so high,and they look and wonder why.
Three people wanting a single job, to take over the U.S. Hwos going to win is anyones guess.
People dying everyday.
Theres got to be another way.
Rising prices is a distraction for sure., but lets not forget that we're still in war.
Is a new president going too fix all of our woes?
Your guess is as good as mine, nobody knows.
I was once told that you have to hit the bottom before you hit the top.
One thing for sure we wil again be the cream of the crop.

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