4 Poems

June 6, 2008
By Rob Lusk-Fauquet, Lake Forest Park, WA

Ever Pensive

Help me, you make me wonder, did you ever see me or was I reflected from your mind?
Bring it back a day, bring her back to me.
Laying out now, in an empty shell, long since hard times came, my soul has been shattered.
Forever in disarray, no chance to set things straight.
I hope you realize that what you did last night was more than just a fight,
Never again will I sleep tight.
Forever in a day, far too much to pay, far past insensitive,
You’ve left me ever pensive.
Nevermore, nevermore, you shall not see me again ever more.
To the reflection of nothingness, farewell.

Burning Star

Relive today, don’t leave me. When I look into your eyes, I’ll never be the same.
These thoughts I have, beat the past, whenever I’m with you, my dreams come true,
All my dreams, they come true.
Don’t look back on the things long gone, keep your eyes on the good things yet to come.
Show me that smile that brings the world joy, I feel like a child with a long lost toy.
Don’t fade away from my sight, you are my guiding light.
Without you there to pull me through, I’d fade away too.
You tore the evil right out of my soul. Some would think to conquer Hell would be your goal.
I’m here to tell you that you’re not in this all alone.
Through the darkness your burning star shone.

Fortune Thieves

The old raisin crisp with the summer heat,
Craned in form and gnarled with experience,
Her purpose her eyes did not near repeat,
One man’s greed kept him from the present tense.
Two euphoric without a doubt in mind,
Stood subtle behind with caressing hands,
To feel treasure this man would leave behind.
With the love of the one who cuts soul strands,
Two hands made loose the bonds that held fortune.
With a guised apology and burnt hand,
The hag spun while carrying large portions,
Two caressing hands slithered to home sand.
A beggar slouched with a rich pensiveness,
For the occurrence was yet to occur. Entrapment

Such a position, one of sickening nature.
To be the victim of ones’ own device could churn tides inside a gut leaving a twisted sensation.
After the churning of the ocean of awe, the undertow sucks one back to reality.
One may begin to realize that they just ran into a brick wall that they built.
How embarrassing and sickening is that? Well, to a mastermind of the craft, quite sickening.
Once the tide has calmed and the undertow has seeped back into its home, something else comes
The sinking sensation, as one realizes there is something obvious they are missing.
The moment one realizes they are missing something, it hits them, and hits hard.
As the silence is broken by thunder, loud, and of course, destructive. You ran too quick.
As the aftershock hits one, they succumb to the will of their own device, thus, entrapment.

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