June 5, 2008
By Kaitlin Gilleran, Bridgewater, NJ

Sonnet 1

A path I fear because of mystery,
Shockingly I find myself walking it,
Rarely will I wander where I can’t see,
But I can’t seem to keep my candle lit.
I don’t know if I’m fearing what’s to come,
Because I feel a chill down to my core,
I think I fear more what I will become,
Risk losing myself to a male once more.
And through all this I can’t help but wonder,
If I’m just a comfort to warm your days,
I’ll constantly await for a blunder,
Is this real to you or am I a haze.
Well now, here I go down the rabbit hole,
I’ll walk any bridge, with fear of a troll.

Sonnet 2

Not a surprise, the mystery is solved.
Having trouble breathing, disappointed.
Please tell me when your feelings were dissolved,
Where was I when we became disjointed?
Hello, what’s up, they call me rebound girl-
And I always fall into the same trap,
Crazy ex becomes current in a twirl,
And there I was just sitting in your lap.
Do you realize lies lead to broken trust?
And you didn’t even have it to break.
I guess I’m a girl who is just for lust,
I think I have genuine, but it’s fake.
And then there it goes, the circle turning,
Head and heart fighting, constantly learning.

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