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A Place for Me to Be

January 28, 2011
By Anonymous

On that fateful day
When my future was decided
With a dark hard wall
It seemed my life had collided
Because how would you feel
If you had to move away
And leave all your friends
Behind you in MA?
Well in my case I was crushed
And the tears streamed from my eyes
As I buried my face in a pillow
Thinking "what an awful surprise"
So we loaded up the trucks
With boxes, toys, and books
While I hugged my friends goodbye
Getting my very last looks
As we drove away I thought
How lonely I would be
Stuck down in Virginia
Without my friends to talk to me
But now that I am here
It's not so bad after all
'Cause even though I was new
There were other people new too in the fall
And though I really do still miss
My old friends when we're apart
Now I'll always know
"Home is in the heart"

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