June 5, 2008
She screams out for help
No one hears her
she's lost in a world where true love is never
what you see on t.v.
The blades cut deeper into her skin
farther than the last time
Many scars like railroad tracks
run up and down her arms and legs
She does it so she's not focused on the pain of losing the one she thought she loved
This is a different kind of pain
Physical, instead of emotional pain
Her parents take her to a specaialist
to help her deal with her struggle
She's stubborn
Thinks no one can help her
This time, it's too late
Her parents can't save her
They go into her room and find her laying on the floor in a puddle of blood
There's a letter beside her
Written to her parents
It tells them that she didn't mean
to hurt them
She just couldn't deal with the pain
Now, the people who cared about her
have to deal with the greif
She was all they had
Best friends, parents, family, boyfriend.
They're the ones who struggle now.
It's an ongoing cycle that isn't worth
any of the pain these
people put themselves through.

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