The pig and the fig

June 6, 2008
By Kaitlyn Franz, Lake Forest Park, WA

There once was a pig,
Who ate a fig,
But that fig was no ordinary fig,

The fig that he ate,
Made him quite sedate,
And quite altered his fate,
That fig that he had,
Was very bad,
It definitely didn’t start a fad,

When he got in his car,
He didn’t get very far,
And the fig made him crash with a bar,

Then the bar fell down,
And fell on the ground,
And his fate was bound,
When he got to his home,
To pieces his house was blown,
And no house did he further own,

So he sat on a spot,
On his big empty lot,
In a fix he was caught,

So he went out to get a job,
With the piggy mob,
Whose leader was named bob,

So with the mob he went out,
At many people he did shout,
As they walked out and about,

Then he got a new employer,
He got a job as a lawyer,
And he went to the courthouse foyer,

Then he wet into court,
His defense was short,
His client they did deport,

So his client was mad,
Because his lawyer was bad,
And he promised he would be had,

Then the client wet to the mob,
Where the pig had his job,
Where the leader was named bob,

Then he sat in his spot,
In his big empty lot,
And then he was shot.

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