Her Dark, Cold World

June 10, 2008
By Rachel McFall, Garden City, SC

Searching, screaming, wondering, not finding,
loving, hating, living, dying.
Lost in a world of dark and cold.
Endless confusion grows so old.
Sharp words exchanged containing such emotion,
power, desire, dislike, devotion.
A tool on the wrist carves a letter in the skin,
with all these feelings, no one can win.
Devastation grows, tearing people apart
leaving a melancholy girl with a shattered heart.
Tears streaming, crying all alone,
salty water lets depression known.
Suicidal thoughts make her weary for the day
Devouring anguish slowly eats her away.
Heartache, dysphoria, gloom, sorrow
maybe happiness will be brought tomorrow.
Locked in a dream that never ends
cant find the way out, trapped from within.
Hopefully, one, day there will be no despair
and she'll have only love and happiness to share.

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