Battle Of Gettysburg

June 6, 2008
By Brook Dunbar, Lehighton, PA

Across states
Will forever be there
Even if it may not appear
Murderous acts
For better man kind
The act of slavery
Men all over the ground
"tell my wife and kids I love them said a man to a boy
The boy replies "yes sir"
But sadly the boy died
Before he passed he handed a man a picture and said
tell them their father and husband loves them
He saw the blood
Pour down his face
Then he was silent
He died that very moment
This was at Gettysburg
The famous war
Hit the states down to the core
It was bad enough even for the poor
Lee surrendered to Grant
A victory it was
But only for us
The Union
The blood is still stained
On the very ground
Here in Gettysburg
Dedications were made
Lives were lost
Scars were made for the rest of peoples lives
But, remember what it was for
Slaves and their freedoms
Just like yours and mine

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