Looking out into the open

January 24, 2011
By Anonymous

The way the old coffee mug sat there
With a small bit of coffee still sitting at the bottom
It still had that old coffee smell.
The way the book was just left open,
For someone to come back,
Pick it up and complete it with
A life of cliff hanging.
The way the clock… didn’t make
A soothing tick tock sound keeping
It a quite and droopy environment
The way Ms. Lachman hung on the
Miniature podium.
With the black white and green complementing
Each other across the paper.
The way the Adverb/Gerund/preposition poster
Mocked me with its confusing way of fitting
And working together.
The way the students kept on marching away
And chugging on with their theme and plot story
The way the posters from Shorewood’s past plays
Hung in chronological order; 1968-2010.
They way Hanna sat there with a confused and
Utterly dumbfounded look.
Not knowing were to go from her standing point.
The way 9 different people were gone away with
there headphones in there ears.
Looking up once in a while
Noticing that it isn’t just them and the computer
In front of them.

Last night I slept at 12:40 am studying
for a science that go rescheduled to
Friday. This morning when
I woke up I wanted badly to go back
to sleep but my mom
kept yelling for me to get up
and get dressed .I got up and walked
slowly up the stairs to the bathroom .
I brushed my teeth still half a sleep .
I got dressed and took a deep breath
and put all my stuff in my back pack.
Man , I don’t see to how it is that my
mom can get dressed and cook
breakfast all while I am brushing my teeth .
I take it that my mom has her ways .
I come to the kitchen table and eat my cereal
and my mother comes out of no where and trys
to make me take the nasty vitamin nasty vitamin
she shoves down my throat every morning .
I make a dirty look on my face and
say “ heck no I aint taking that nasty stuff”
and she gives me the death stare and starts
threatening me in our language. I take it from
her hands and take . I mean come on its my
mother I just had to . I left my house and got to
school exactly 2 minutes late .
When I walked into class it
looked like Ms . Mann already
started stamping homework and
warm-ups . And the rule in that
class is if you come unexcused to
class then you cant get credit for
your homework or warm-up.
I just decided to get my warm-up
out and started doing it just for the
heck of it, I mean come on I had nothing
better to do . And out of no where
Ms. Mann stamps my warm-up and
asks me if I did my home work, and
of course I did my homework, I dive into my
back pack and get it out. I slowly pay attention
as her hand goes down to give me the glorious stamp .
Then she starts the class and says lets start reviewing.
Little did I now that while I wasn’t here
she announced that she had post-pone the test to Friday.
I was so HAPPY. Man Ms. Mann must have been in a good mood.

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