The Battleground

January 28, 2011
I looked across the land,
I let my own blood drip from my hand,
All around me was war,
All around me was death,
I heard the guns shout,
I could see my own demise,
But through someone else’s eyes,
I saw a small girl; I screamed for her to stay,
I started running for her,
I started running her way,
“Stay! Stay! Stay!”
The girl looked at me,
Her cheeks tearstreaked,
I wanted to take her home,
I wanted to tell her everything was okay,
But as I ran she fell,
As I ran she bled,
The white flag she held became blood red,
I fell beside her,
Her body was stone,
Her body was ice,
I begged her to breath,
I looked around me,
I screamed aloud,
I screamed to God,
I wanted it all to end,
I wanted to smile again,
I wanted to tell the girl it was okay,
Even if it wasn’t,
Even if it was her last day.

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