Pebble and Dirt

January 28, 2011
By RubySigurdardottir BRONZE, Ramsgate, Other
RubySigurdardottir BRONZE, Ramsgate, Other
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Stone, cobwebs, pebbles, dirt,
Things that get in the way and hurt
That’s what you were, that’s what you are
That’s what you’ll always be to me

My love for you was keeping me blind,
I couldn’t see how far behind
You were keeping me from achieving my dreams...
But now I’m finally free.

I’m a lion out of her cage,
I’m a storm, I’m a fire
While you amount to nothing,
You manipulative liar

I’m an eagle and I’m soaring
My world’s an endless sea
My chains have been unlocked
And I can finally be me

Now I’m not one for revenge
But it is so very sweet
To see my life is taking off
While you flounder in deceit.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece after a very traumatic break up. After months of feeling so alone and lost, I finally realized that in my time without this person, I had actually achieved quite a lot and that my life would be so much better without him dragging me down.

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