January 30, 2011
I look at you,
and see a spark.
Just something different,
right from thee start.
When we were little,
we'd talk about pointless things.
Then I found out
our dads worked together,
and we would still talk more.
Then middle school started,
and you changed.
You weren't the same.
You wouldn't talk to me,
and still won't,
and it felt like,
something in my heart broke.
You still had that spark,
that draw to you.
The only thing that kept
me coming back.
Then in 7th year,
she came.
And I could see,
the way you looked at her.
Your eyes shinned,
and you smiled more.
I knew she liked you too.
And I had,
a sinking feeling,
deep in my stomach.
And you and her,
by the end of the year,
were inseparable.
Things change,
about people.
That summer, I changed.
And you did too.
You and her didn't talk,
not anymore.
I changed.
I was taller.
I was thinner.
I had even changed,
the way I looked.
Not for you,
not for anyone,
just me.
I couldn't see,
if you liked it,
but I did.
Then one day,
all the bottled,
feeling and fears,
And I told one,
and then everyone,
well, they knew.
And you said,
"Your not my type."
That broke my heart,
but what hurts,
hurts most,
is when you,
told me,
"we can still be friends."
I almost snapped.
Years of my life,
I had, liked you,
I didn't want to be friends,
not like that.
And you and her,
you were together,
and then you broke,
her heart.
My heart.
Your heart,
my spark,
thee heart I miss,
thee chance I took.
My spark,
the chance I took,
I miss you,
my spark.
And now I sit,
wondering if I can,
even think about being friends,
Just friends,
when I look at you.
Those words that aren't true,
not for most,
but seems like I should say.
The words I wish,
I wish weren't true.
But this is my truth,
and that truth is,
I think I'm in love,
in love withe your spark.

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