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The Voice of the Devil.

February 2, 2011
By nikay_roks BRONZE, Phenix City, Alabama
nikay_roks BRONZE, Phenix City, Alabama
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I hear your whisper in the dark.
You're just waiting to come and leave your mark.
Clenched in your hand is a knife.
I hear you whisper go on just take your life.
Who is going to miss you when you are gone.
They were just playing you all along.
Crying all alone here cold and scared.
Too bad no one saw you they never cared.
Only I heard your cries of pain.
For his loss is my gain.
Now I control your mind and the Lord you will never find.
If you really loved him I would not be here.
And your heart would have no fear.
You turned your back on him.
And I snuck in with the sin.
The funny thing is he loves you and I don't.
He will forgive you and I won't.
You chose to follow me.
One simple prayer could set you free.
But why would you do that right?
In Hell flames would be your only light.
Feel the fire beneath your feet.
Can you really handle the heat?
Pssh I don't think you are man enough.
Life with me is pretty tough.
So go ahead run into his arms.
As I tell the demons and sound the alarms.
Now you won't fit in with the crowd.
And in your head i will be screaming loud.
But if you are smart you will ignore my voice.
Go ahead make the right choice.
Now I hang my head in defeat.
As you surrender at his feet.
He smiles at you and says well done.
And take you in his arms and says welcome.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my youth class one night.

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