Their Fake Smiles...

March 7, 2008
Their fake smiles and false kind remarks hurt much worse than the truth.
You look at me and pretend it’s okay,
When you know its all wrong.
If you don’t think I know that already,
Just watch me walk away.
For people watching I can fake it.
Plaster one of those surface smiles and pretend to mean it.
I can laugh and joke,
But still be aching, and you wouldn’t know.
Although you’ll never know,
I always will.
Maybe someday you can see,
Just how wrong my life shouldn’t be.
Maybe you’ll even see the hurt I hide inside.
But this would be rare; so very rare.
And the only two in the world there for me,
They already know.
They see my fake,
My real.
They know I’m trying,
Trying to hide the pain I feel.
They can see what I will let no one else see.
They know it all, and they’re the two I go to.
Only where I feel safe,
Is the only place where I let out all my pain.
I can promise you,
you will never see me cry,
never really see the pain I hide.
But they do,
they feel the teardrops rolling from my eyes,
they hear the pleading I let out only in their arms.
They’re the only two who won’t lie to me,
they don’t say it’s all ok,
they don’t say not to cry it’s not worth it,
they won’t say it doesn’t matter,
or that I’m weak.
They won’t say their leaving,
and they won’t let go.
They let me vent and cry as we all share what’s inside.
The three of us are stronger than most,
we trust each other with our lives and won’t back down.
All of us together will always stay this way,
no matter what
nothing will break us.
Sure we know what might try to break us,
but in the end we have each other and nothing,
can break that.

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