Before My Eyes

February 1, 2011
By Anonymous

If someone died
Right before your eyes
Would you run and scream
Would you break down and cry?

Could you bear to carry
The knowledge of this scene
In your heart
Where no-one can see?

Would it replay
Over and over
‘till you couldn’t bear it
And had to let go?

Or would it
This horrible scene
Cause a change
For all to see?

Would you live for today
Instead of the past
Or would you be caught
Behind a wall of glass?

Would you be kind
To those that surround you
Or would you forget
And just keep plowing through?

Would you care to notice
The faces that pass
From this world
Into the next?

Would you make a difference
In somebody’s short life
Or just let them be
As they carry their strife?

Would you say a kind word
A bit more often
And feel you heart
Begin to soften?

For if someone died
Before your eyes
Would you take notice
Would you realize?

That we are not here
For very long
So what will you do
Before you are gone?

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