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February 6, 2011
By xxmegxnxx BRONZE, Enfield, Connecticut
xxmegxnxx BRONZE, Enfield, Connecticut
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a friend is more than a person
a friend is someone you can trust
some one who can keep your secrets
no matter what
a friend knows when your lying
and will always find out why
a friend is who you can go to
no matter how hard you cry
a friend can make you happy
when ever you are sad
a friend is like a sister
sometI'mes you get in fight
i love all my true friends
and my true friends love me
at the end of the day
everyone need a friend to be happy
i would go to the end of the earth
to make my friends smile
boys come and go
friend stay forever
no matter what mood your in
the seem to make it better
everyone has one friend the trust
i call mine my wifey
she likes a boy right now
who i think is shady
but when he breaks her heart again
ill be waiting with open arms
with candy, movies, and a shoulder to cry on
ill run miles to protect you from hI'm
wow i sound like a creeper
ha i love you wifey
I'm like your sisters keeper<3

The author's comments:
My friend Diana R. inspired me to write this. I love her.

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