January 26, 2011
By Anonymous

You were supposed to save the world dad
But now all you are is mad
mad at me mad at mom
Daddy you make me sad
Make me cry break my heart
Tear our family apart
So yeah get up bend you knees and fly away
that’s what’s gonna happen at the end of the day
When things get real
When I wanna tell you how I feel
U don’t wanna hear it cause I don’t see it your way
So you have nothing to say
to me
Well guess that’s how its gotta be.
Superhero superhero
Nothing could hurt me with you around
Until… crack. What’s that sound?
My heart breaks on the floor
U dropped it on your way out the door
But wait
Here you come back. To pick it up? No to yell some more.
Nope another surprise maybe the worst one of all
You come back you don’t speak you just built up your wall
That day was bad, that day I saw my superhero fall
He never made a come back never soared again
And his barrier is much thicker than paper thin
Much too thick to get in
You left your biggest fan standing out in the cold
Well now she’s old
And I’m not your fan anymore dad
I made it by myself all alone
I can soar on my own

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