Time and it's Disadvantages

January 14, 2011
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Day by day the world changes,
Day by day we change.
We are molded by our choices,
Or friends, or clothes, or diamond rings.

This time we say we're sorry.
Next time we say suck it up.
This time we say spill the story,
Next time we say shut up.

Our actions unfold before us,
Unfurl and blur the lines,
Test the boundaries, poke the edges;
They know not a single stop sign.

The consistency of our face
And our state of mind
May differ in shape, change in color,
Or totally dissipate in time.

We may look back upon ourselves
And unfairly wonder who we were
For the fruits of our past's labor
Couldn't be OURS, we're sure!

But, and I assure you,
As ludicrous as they may seem
We've all committed sins
We wish were in a dream.

And so here is my point,
The goal of my rhyming ways,
We mustn't be ashamed of our actions
Done in different days,

Because, and I will tell you,
This I know is true,
That each day you live
Is lived by no one but you.

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Mark97 said...
Jun. 27, 2011 at 5:19 am
So true, very deep and beautiful poem, I especially love your choice of words and the ending.
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