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We are all the same

January 25, 2011
By MagentaPink813 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
MagentaPink813 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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It's funny how you asked what ethinicity I am
No one has ever asked before
I figured they just assumed with how they guard their store

I don't steal and I've never taken drugs
I'm not ghetto and I don't hang out with thugs
I know who my dad is, the resemblance is there
I hear the words of ignorance but soon start not to care

I speak proper English and yes a little slang
However, I always make sense and never act like Lil' Wayne
I have never seen a gun up close
I don't plan to drop out of school because an education you need the most

Yes, I like fried chicken and collard greens
I hate kool-aid and rarely eat watermelon
I have never been incarcerated and my uncle is not a felon

I don't wear bamboo earrings or colored weave
I've walked into places and instantly wanted to leave
I am called black which I disagree with
Black is a pretty dark color you see
If we have to be a color we're all brown to me

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