My Life

February 28, 2008
By Alysha Neese, Mesa, AZ

People see me as a mormal girl.
what they see is what they think.
Not what they know.
My life gets cold everyday.
All this yelling does get old.
At school I am one person,
But at home I'm another.
In one place I laugh and play.
In the other I cry all day.
Everyone thinks their life is hard,
But their life is the life i want.
Playing, laughing, having fun.
Now thats the life.
Verse yelling, screaming and fighting.
I hide behand a brick wall hoping,
No one can get passed.
My wall isn't as thick as thick as I could wish.
Or maybe my life is to wild.
Walls go straight both ways not all over the place.
It's always a mystery when i wake up,
Not knowing what to do.
No straight paths, all cliffs.

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