Uninterrupted Snowflakes

January 25, 2011
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One snowflake falls,
Closely followed by another.
It hits the ground and turns to dust,
And then,
So does its brother.
As they fall,
Someone looks outside,
Watching the beauty of it all.
The calmness,
The peacefulness,
The organization,
The memories.
The soothing occurrence that warms the heart,
And chills the ground.
The mug of hot cider flowing down ones throat,
Filling the body with happiness,
And more memories.
The shivering of another,
Someone less fortunate,
Someone without memories worth remembering.
Throughout all this,
The snow is falling,
At an undisturbed rate.
One can never determine,
The speed at which,
The snowflakes fall
Is it quickly?
Is it slowly?
Is it neither?
A speed not fast or slow,
Not rapid or sluggish.
A speed just right,
For the snowflakes to fall,

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