My Mind is Flooded With Music

February 25, 2008
By Jamila Orso, Cincinnati, OH

My mind is flooded with music.
The notes fill my mind like a slow trickling stream into a lake. They
tip, and
like gentle beats.
Tip and drip.
They make music that cleans my heart.
Tip and drip.
The water from the stream is the
crisp, cold water
that refreshes my soul.
Tip and drip.
Washes away the sin,
an deciet that lies within.
Tip drip
tip drip
As the water falls faster,
the beats speed up.
Tip and drip
The water gushes faster,
and faster.
there is no more.
No more water that can
tip, nor drip.
It is a drying puddle.
The song is over, and there is a resting period.
No more tips.
No more drips.
no more, until the next song
is played.
The next song that will cleanse
this heart,
once more.

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