The Light I Will Bring.

January 23, 2011
By Jayandem BRONZE, Toronto, Other
Jayandem BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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You walk down a lonely road.
The only light you have is one lamp post.
You wonder how you got here..
Were you that in much stress that you had to run..
Run to where?
Where were you running to?

You didn't listen to us.
We told you we could help.
You didn't listen.
So you ran.
You had no destination.
But regardless you ran.

The light from the lamp post begins to diminish.
In about 3 seconds the lamp post will burn out.
All light is gone.
You're in darkness.
You're alone.
But even in this pit of darkness you keep your head up.

You sit in the darkness for hours.
You begin to lose hope.
Your head that was once held high is now down.

But suddenly a light appears.
You don't know what it is but you walk to the light.
You walk with desperation.
You walk hoping to find hope.
Suddenly you see a figure appear out of the light.
It's me...

I extend my hand.
You grab onto it.
I pull you closer to the light and show you things that you could only dream of.

I show you true happiness.
I show you the life you deserve.
I show you a meadow.
A meadow of beautiful flowers resembling you.
I show you all the things you could have.

The light disappears.
In this darkness it's only me and you.
You ask me why did the light go?
You need the light.
You cant handle not having the light.
You become frantic.
I whisper in your ear.
I say From now on I'll be your light.
As long as you grab a hold of my hand.
I can show you many things.

Just grab my hand.

The author's comments:
Taking a stab at writing poetry again.

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