January 22, 2011
By felishia16656 GOLD, Spring Lake, Michigan
felishia16656 GOLD, Spring Lake, Michigan
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For the past several nights,

I lay in bed counting what's not right.

Displayed in my mind is a wall of old picture frames,

Holding dusty memories; and now nothings the same.

I can't sleep and I don't have an appetite,

My strong mind and my weak heart both put up an insane fight.

Everything I once withheld within my hands vanished right before my eyes,

Just like the waves taking away my heart with the sand, making this hard to survive.

I forgot where I left my smile, I might've dropped it somewhere,

Along this rugged road that looks as if I'm walking into nowhere.

She told me not to let it get the best of me,

She said that right as the best of me leaves.

So ill lay here and count what isn't right,

Until things better in my life.

But in the mean time ill wonder, I want to know,

Where in the hell did my happy go?

The author's comments:
i wrote this during a rough patch in my life. it was then i realized how quick things can change.

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