When God Cries

January 24, 2011
By Anonymous

When God Cries

It is very sunny.
A little boy sits on his porch and plays with his trucks.
A breeze blows his hair and he shivers.
He gazes up into the sky.

Thick, depressing, grey rain clouds have replaced the sun.
He thinks nothing of it until…
A raindrop plops onto the back of his neck and slides down his back.

He looks up again to see more and more raindrops falling from the sky.
He remembers his mommy telling him that when it rains, God is crying.
The rain picks up speed and the little boy runs inside his house.

God slapped at his windows furiously with his wind.
Thunder cracks.
Lightning illuminates the sky.

The little boy becomes frightened.
He takes cover.
Under a blanket, tucked in a corner, inside a closet.
He hides until he hears, nothing.

He peeks out and sees, nothing.
The sky is clear and he hears birds chirping.
The sun has returned.
The little boy picks up his trucks,
and runs outside.
To pick up where he last left off.

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