The World's Colors

January 24, 2011
The old colors were around for a while,
And they always used to make me smile.
Green was the grass, growing so tall.
Red, orange, and yellow were the leaves in the fall.
Blue was the sky, so vast, so endless.
Purple was a flower, beautiful, never a mess.
But then the colors changed,
And new colors were soon exchanged.
Red was the blood, dark and dreadful,
It came from soldiers, whose families are mournful.
Green were the uniforms the soldiers would wear.
Oh, all the love these people would tear.
Black was the power, blasting from a gun.
These men would fight all day in the sun.
Gray were the words, greedy people said.
And it was a grave where people lay dead.
These are the colors that I would most fear,
Because they make the world start to disappear.

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