January 23, 2011
By SamAmodeo BRONZE, Lemon Grove, California
SamAmodeo BRONZE, Lemon Grove, California
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Ode to thy eye upon my face
Whose glances makes thee weak.
My eyes passed to him and they say he has the best.
He would not have received,
If at first it did not belong to me.
Its shade of brown is mysterious,
It is the pathway to my soul,
It reminds thee of thy deepest wish,
And when I sleep it glows.
Ode to thy eye
Upon your glance.
Whose beauty reveals truths,
Hold my gaze for a while longer.

The author's comments:
This poem was created from a prompt in my English class. The prompt called for a ode to a part of yourself that you like. I chose my eyes because my son is always complemented on having the best, and it came from me. I hope people understand and get from the poem that I love and appreciate a part of my body.

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