A War Within

January 23, 2011
Smoke looms above,
Engulfing us whole.
Where is it coming from?
No one knows.
Days go by,
Where is it coming from?
Feeling lost and alone,
There is no one to turn too.

There is no going back.
We must finish what has been brought,
Clean the mess,
Bring back joy,
And wipe the fear from our faces.
It is a joint effort,
Doing this alone
Is not right,
It is like what we have endured.
We cannot go back to what it was,
The smoke does not belong here,
I remember what it was like
But it is not like that anymore.
But there is hope.
We sit and wait,
Hoping for an angel to be sent,
To help us remove the destruction.
Someone must step up,
With an open heart and willing ears.
It is time to lead and teach,
Rather than follow and learn.
In the distance,
I hear a voice,
I listen,
And listen.
We hold on tight and believe.
The sky begins to clear
The birds start chirping,
The flowers blossom.
Warmth is hugging our shattered spirits.
And the tears stop falling from our tired eyes
We know where the smoke is coming from.
Unity unites us,
Our family becomes familiar,
And our home is home once again

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