Murderess Death

January 25, 2011
By punkgirl66 BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
punkgirl66 BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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The evil laughter in my ears.
The tears running down my cheeks.
The anger and sadness breaking my heart.
The memories still in my head.
The sound of my pulse speeding faster.
The site of a silver piece as I see my own reflection.
The silver piece against my throat.
The smoothness running from left to right.
The color was a scarlet, red.
The ground was cold and wet.
The air is leaving me as my last breath dies into silence.
The dark is taking over as I sleep never to wake up again.

The author's comments:
Well i wanted to people to imagine what a murder victim mite have been thinking or feeling. I thought about it myself it finally got to the point where I had a nightmare I was being murdered and this is what was running in my head. And so a wrote the feelings of the dead victims side of view from this nightmare.

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