Serenading through time

January 22, 2011
By saifshaik SILVER, Dubai, Other
saifshaik SILVER, Dubai, Other
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I started walking through a road of mine
In this chaotic world it was a mere memory down the line
Singing harmoniously our past always looks bright
Even the hardest moments with their cumbersome site

Seemingly funny,how past can be like the future
But time is ever flowing not showing its true nature
Our memories are glorified,devouring our soul
Leaving us a hand short of our future goal

Be it a prince or a peasant
Every man loves to dwell in his past,not so much in the present
We see our past as so much more of a compromise
A rash compromise,a fool's compromise

But what I say is to be wise
To learn from your past tries
Nay,I'm no fortune teller nor a guardian of time to give you such nurture
Its what is said in the present,was in the past and is going to be in the future

So toss a coin,and write a panegyric on this road
Visit it when your left alone buried by the load
For memories never disappoint
They are our inventory check, giving us a valid point

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