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January 21, 2011
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The senses are all over they may not leave but stay upon you.Everything you cherished is now in the darkest parts of your memory for they are things that you would die for to get back.As each day,week,month,year pass you.You have not the slightest clue of who you are or what you want.For as the time passed you,you stayed in the same place for all that you had was lost and you were forgotten.Forgotten in the memory of all who knew you.All that's left for you to do is stay in the darkness and never remember of what you had ,what you wanted,and what was taken from you.At that time you had not the slightest clue of what was coming forth for you.The storm just came and hit you in the weakest part of all you heart for it was softened by the criminal who at that time acted as your everything,and as you stayed with that you trained it and when it aimed it hit you directly in your heart.Instead of killing you it made you realize what hate that thing had for you for it destroyed you and now you walk in the path of the darkness.Now all that you see,hear,touch and taste gives you reminders of what the past had for you,but it will never be.It may not be that your in the darkness you just wish for it would be better then being able to remember.

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