Bless the Fallen, Welcome the Broken

January 21, 2011
By , easley, SC
And I hear those whisper increasing
As if their trying to im to cry
And I see their shadows of what could’ve being
And I wonder if I can mend those gaps
Bleeding in tears bleeding in flames
Staring at the past trying not to cry

And I hear their voices deep from inside
And I wonder if the fallen have risen
And only through the darkness could they guide
A broken warrior lost in the sands of time
And their tears forbidden while
Their alibis undress their wounds
They sit and wait for the fortress to heal
All the broken are welcomed
All the fallen are blessed
Theirs only words lingering of what could’ve being
Theirs only tears trying to mend
Those missing gaps of lonely men

And I hear their voices bursting from inside
It’s driving me into the point of wreckage
It’s ruined my instincts of serenity
All the blood all the wailings of the undead
Seem to never leave a trail of despair
All their is only bright lights in cemeteries
With unenclosed wounds with nurtured wrongs and doings
Of wonders of the abyss of the fallen and broken

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