Old Love, New Love

December 30, 2007
*I dedicate this to my best friend and sister, Crystal.

Your voice was like music to my small ears,
Your hair moved like leaves do in the brisk breeze.
Being separated causes me tears,
Upon your grave I've fallen to my knees.

When you died, I wilted like a dead rose,
With my first love dead, I became depressed.
I felt sadness all the way to my toes,
I think I need to get my brain assessed.

Alas! I go on, in my solemn state,
My life will not be wasted on one love.
New loves, there will be, for me to enjoy,
I will find someone new, sent from above.

Soon I will be happy, again, once more,
Once I find what life, for me, has in store.

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