I Am What I Am

December 30, 2007
By Katherine mackay, Fishkill, NY

I am what I am
I write what I see
And I see the future slowly passing by me.

Strength in your convictions
I preach it, yet I fail to comply
I want to tell the truth,
But all I know are lies

I want to be everything, be something, be true
I want to feel like I matter
But I am afraid I just wont do

I fear failure and time
I want something, anything that is mine
To make a mark on this world
That’s not simply passed by

I fear failure
If only I could only comply

Its all passing me by slowly
Dropping out, but looking towards the future
I am what I am
I do what I can
And I can write

I can write what I see
What I feel, what I know
I can learn from the world
And have something to show

Afraid of the future
Scared of what’s to come
I look to the past seeing what’s been done

So I write, more afraid then ever
Hoping to do better,
Than the generations before me
The people can’t ignore me.

I will set the bar high because I know I can show
These future generations just where to go.
Go the distance people always say
I will succeed, and happily lead the way.

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