You Knew Me Since I Was Born...

You knew me since I was born, you taught me wrong from right,
you showed me the path to take and watched me grow in height.

You helped me tie my shoes, you taught me how to love,
you taught me how to count by two's and gave me great big hugs.

You fooled me with your laughter, you hurt me with your lies,
you turned my heart from hot to cold the day you said goodbye!

At first I didn't believe, what my momma said to me,
until she told me you had to go, and I sat and watched you leave.

It seemed unreal to me, like a vision or a dream,
I couldn't believe my daddy, would some day have to leave.

I didn't know for a long time, why momma made you go,
but then she told me that you hurt her, and all I could say was no!

I thought that you were different, from all the other dads,
I thought that you appreciated the family that you had.

But hey, what's that saying? That men are all the same.
I didn't believe that that was true until you brought me pain.

It's been about two years, since the day you walked out the door.
I looked at you from behind, and knew there would be no more.

Yes sometimes I visit, and yes sometimes I call,
but then again it's not the same, it's not the same at all.

I don't regret your leaving, it was all in God's plan,
you as my dad, me as your daughter, walking hand in hand.

I guess it was for the best, that my daddy had to leave,
I will always love him no matter what, and remember his good deeds.

We all make mistakes, we all do some bad,
but I thought that he was different, because he was my DAD!.

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