Life Story

December 30, 2007
There was a boy stuck in a lifeless town
Who so badly wanted to move away
Years past, loved ones fade
The boy is the only one who stays
There was a conductor who spent his life trying to find a symphony
Years and years of scrambled eighth notes and newfound gray hairs
Just so he could find a way to lead

When people try to find happiness
All they realize is they need something else
They search and search
Only to find it’s within themselves

If you look closely at the moon
You’ll find a detailed map
If you ever reach the moon
You’ll realize it’s only guiding your way back

There was a girl who spends her time in a never-ending dream
She loved to see things that never had been seen
There was a mother who thought she lived for others
But ended up just thinking of herself
She ended up leaving her family
In order to find better health

Some people think the sun brings light
To those of us who seem to live in the darkness of the night
But if you don’t keep your eyes off the sun’s burning face
You won’t be able to see ahead or any other place

My dreamer soul is going to listen to loved ones
When they hold me close
And they tell me I can dream more than most
But to keep my head to the ground
Because if I become lost
They say it’ll be hard for me to become found

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