Silence in the Night

December 30, 2007
By Wendy Frye, Youngwood, PA

Silence in the night as thoughts run through my mind. Scars that are trying to heal break open and bleed again. The only light I have is black and it reminds me of you and the things I wil never forget. Red stains my mind with the blood I want to take. Poison runs through my veins of horror I can not escape. The day in my life slowly turns to night. The sun becomes the moon and soon red will be black. It curls around my body so I can not break free. It shortened my breaths till I can hardly breathe. Blood could run through my skin as if it was never there or it could come from your body and help me repair, my life, my soul my unforgotten mind. Only you could save me before it is too late. But I am tired of loving the one I should hate. My blood flows with the poison that I have let infect me. The words I write down will soon fade away, but the thoughts in my mind are here to stay. I have dug myself a hole I can not climb out. I am walking down the road of the wrong route. The blindness of my heart has suddenly gained eyes and the minute the light finds a way back into my heart my life will be red, But only until I find a way to heal my heart and repair my scars.

Only then will my life be Pink!

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