December 29, 2007
By Meredith Shapiro, Roslyn, NY

As a flower blooms in adversity
A love so beautiful and rare,
Each petal reaches past the sea,
As he grazes the golden locks of her hair.
A swiveling stalk spinning in the sweetest breeze,

The redness of the rose is a sight to see.
But I must say you should be warned,
Even the most beautiful of roses is a carrier of

Soon the weather begins to change,

Spring to summer, a preface to winter’s chill,
The young couple’s road takes a twist nobody could
Resulting in the loss of love, passion, and thrill.
They lose love’s golden touch, something that was

Quite unexpected,
Just as a rose dies amidst the frost,
Each petal falls to the ground as if directed,
Another Love Lost.

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