December 29, 2007
It’s night to all those who can see, or are they actually blind?
Motionless you lie, your eyes are closed!
If the moon can not be a guiding light then I am here to beckon you, call you to consciousness!
How is it the dreamer who lies awake,
Visionary of the night?

I ask you, why not wander along the vacant streets,
Why hide the visions to your conscience?

The world is silent and almost still,
Yet there are those that lie awake.

Awake in the cold,
Awake in the quiet,
Awake in the deepest hours of the dark.
There are those who breathe amongst the shadows
Perhaps waiting for a light,
Perhaps looking for something new.

Take my hand and grasp it tight, for I see a light in you,
You are not like the sleepers who wait for tomorrow, tomorrow waits for you!
So I beg you dreamer, wake up from your slumber, it is now not time for rest,
This is no dream nor fantasy but a revelation nonetheless.

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