The Pretender

December 29, 2007
By Meredith Shapiro, Roslyn, NY

I remember you,
The girl with the smile,
Who’d hold her head high and laugh at the pretenders.

I remember you,
I was proud of who you are,
I was proud of who you were becoming,
And most of all you were content.

I remember you,
In a class above the rest,
Not caring how others viewed you,
Dancing in the comfy sweats.

I remember a child whose innocence was eternal
Yet now I look and see it was ephemeral.

Everything changed when you lost strong views,
Our paths diverged and we grew apart.

Now I hardly know you,
Your appearance, a façade.
You’re a girl whose lost her courage, her beliefs, her judgment,
Who could’ve thought you’d become one of the pretenders?

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