When No One's Watching

December 29, 2007
By Lovetta Pajibo, Kingsland, GA

Sweet voices disappear
laughter all but ceases.
Nasty looks are formed,
and faces flood with creases.
Smiles and giggles fade away,
and everyone releases
their pain when no one's watching.

If eyes are present,
a peaceful silence abounds;
at exiting, all serenity
is murdered by the sounds.
A screaming insults or curses
sends evil on her rounds
of hurt when no one's watching.

Perhaps if we remembered
that we're not alone,
life would be much calmer
instead of hostile drones
ringing in my ears
and rotting all my bones
so slowly when no one's watching.

Astounding change that occurs
with nobody to witness
what goes on behind closed doors
and manifests the sickness
of man, thus identifying
the pretext of happiness
as counterfeit when no one's watching.

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